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Philip Danchev

Graduated in French literature from the University of Sofia and working for two decades as translator and journalist, I always wrote albeit sporadically, but I truly found this passion relatively late, at age of thirty-five, when I began my first attempts with short stories. At first I wrote for my own pleasure but at the same time I understood the difficulty of  the craft and the need to improve my skills. So I enrolled consecutively in four online courses in creative writing at “Barnes & Noble”.

Afterward I started uploading my next short stories in my blog in Bulgarian language, where they received good reviews. Gradually I realized that my passion turned imperceptibly in a vocation I was taking seriously. Two years later I had written more than forty short stories experimenting in different genres.

In the meantime I met other writers, one of them being Iva Kassabova and together we created in collaboration the novel “Let Be Adventure”. The novel was published in 2013, we had a great launch party and a book tour in Bulgaria and it was well received by the readers and attracted the interest of the media. Now I’m finishing my second novel and I’m working on the idea of a third.

Being Bulgarian, I write in my native language but I would like to present my work to a wider audience. Now, I know what it means to really master a language and I know my English is not on the required literary level. So I intend to hire a professional Bulgarian to English translator and little by little to give you the opportunity to get acquainted with my stories.

I hope you will spend pleasant moments with them.

Philip Danchev


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